The Boss is Not Your Friend Book Review


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Are you appalled by the latest Radia revelations about your corporate heroes? Sick of the ‘nurturing talent like tiny plants’ spiel doled out by most management manuals? Wondering why they never acknowledge the ugly truth about success: that the trick is either to use your cunning and flattery to rise to the ranks of those who lay down the rules or at least learn how to massage the egos of the rule makers? Look no further.

Introducing “The Boss is Not Your Friend,” a candid hands-on guide to surviving in the Indian corporate world that is a refreshing change from the goody-goody management books. This engaging read is filled with anecdotes and insights that will leave you enlightened and entertained. From identifying the malevolent subspecies your boss can be classified under to providing practical tips for thriving in the corporate jungle, this book is designed as a handbook for the Indian executive to not just survive but prosper.

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